Not My Problem Anymore…

A Thing of the Past…

Remember that storm I mentioned before on my first post? Well guess what? We had another one. Not a week later and we have had another crazy storm plow through and tear our neighborhood apart. This one was actually even worse than the first and I am so thankful I decided to go back to school. On my way home from work today, I saw at least 5 trees that were laid out in lawns and I even saw one on top of a car. Who leaves a car in front of a tree before a huge storm? Maybe I only know to move my car because I have experience in this horrific industry. These removals are a nightmare as I have mentioned before. Take a look at some of the pictures from this site and try to picture yourself working on some of these sites. I remember the first time we pulled up to one of these jobs and I just remember asking myself what have I gotten myself into?

As I drove through the neighborhood I could not stop grinning at the thought that I never have to take care of one of these messes again.  People really don’t think about the tree service industry a lot and I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. I actually read an article recently that said the tree service industry is among the top most dangerous jobs in the country right now. Even I had a little bit of a hard time believing that but if it’s online it must be true right?

I Was One of the Lucky Ones…

Although I have some occasional body pain and aches; I luckily never had any serious injuries on the job.  i have seen a few though.

I remember one year I was working on a job site with a few other guys and we were taking out a couple of trees for some big business building. Now when you do a tree removal, you can’t just chop it down and call it a day. For the big ones, you have to take out branches from the top to bottom and cut it down in sections. To do this, you have to use either a bucket truck or harnesses to reach the top like this:

Me and my buddy Greg were about 25 feet up in the air taking out branches when one of the latches on Greg’s belt snapped off and sent him straight to the ground. Luckily, there wasn’t anything on the ground that could have made the fall worse but that being said, the ground isn’t exactly soft.

Greg ended up breaking his tailbone from the fall and was out of work for months. We actually worked for a really respectable company and he got paid while he was recovering but it was still an absolute nightmare for him and his family. I couldn’t imagine being in some of these guys positions in certain fields that get hurt so badly and don’t even get paid for the time they have to take off.

These days the only thing I have to worry about hurting are my wrists from all the typing and computer work and I am totally OK with that. I might feel a little bit of carpal tunnel down the road but there aren’t many jobs out there these days that will have 0 impact on your body somehow down the road.

Welcome! Anyone Else Getting Sick of Storms?

So a few days ago, we had an enormous storm hit where I live and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one do as much damage as this one. I swear I thought there was a hurricane outside (even though we can’t get them where I live). We got really lucky and didn’t have any damage that I couldn’t fix up myself. The whole time the storm was going on I was just picturing my basement glass door breaking open and releasing the flood gates. Buuuuut luckily my house survived it and didn’t cost me any money. Picture this but at night with crazy rain and lightning, and maybe without the fun music.

I think I might be a little jaded when it comes to big storms because I used to work for a tree service company back in the day for a little over 8 years. Why would this make me hate storms you may ask? Well whenever a big storm came around, that meant a living hell for the next week. If you’ve never had a tree torn down in a storm consider yourself lucky. It’s expensive if you’re not cleaning it up and it absolutely SUCKS if you are among the lucky ones to clear up the mess.

Just seeing pictures like this gives the chills from all the memories and work I had to do. Some jobs took up to a week to totally finish up and when a big storm hit our phones would ring off the hook for days. We really couldn’t keep up sometimes.

Those days are OVER!!!

So I can pretty safely say that I hated my life during those 8 years of working with trees. It was a pretty dead end job because I had 0 passion for it and never wanted to own my own tree company or manage for one by any means. For the most part, I worked with absolute animals. I mean that in a good way. Seriously, these guys were crazy. Every night was a party after work and they drank like fish. Don’t get me wrong. I definitely like to have a good time and back in the day I could put away enough Johnny Walker (black label only of course) to put a horse to sleep but these days my body just isn’t what it used to be and I have to be prepared to spend the next 24 hours in my bed if I’m gonna throw a few back.

After years of hard manual labor and ridiculous hours to make ends meet, I decided to go back to school and finally get my degree. I was terrified to do it for years and was always afraid of being that old creepy guy in the back with all these 20 something year old kids around me judging. Turns out it wasn’t at all the horror movie that my mind convinced itself it would be.

Now here I am, early 30’s single guy working in a corporate office that I never thought i would be doing and I am LOVING it. I am a software engineer for an upcoming company and I make great money without the worry of throwing out my back and being bed ridden for weeks on any given day.

So for anyone reading this that is considering going back to school, DO IT!! Stay tuned to my blog for reasons why this was the best decision I’ve ever made.