hey david, you got a minute?

Anyone else cringe when they answer the phone and this is the first thing you hear coming from the other end? Never fails for me because as you probably know, this isn’t usually followed by a “small” favor that your friend is trying so desperately hard to play it off as. I’m kind of sounding like an ass but whatever, I am here to be honest. Jack, if you’re reading this buddy I still love you and would help you take out another tree anytime buddy! Maybe buy a little bit more beer next time though.

Let’s not get carried away most interesting man in the world, I’m cool with Dos XX.

i think i’ll always be the tree guy

Having so much experience working with trees from my hay day, I guess I should always expect to be the one my friends and family calls whenever they have any troubles with trees or anything in their yard. Seriously, am I the only one these people know who has ever cut down a tree before? Unless we are talking about a 30′ cedar here, cleaning up and trimming trees really doesn’t take rocket science to do. For some pruning and shaping you might need a little experience but most of the time it’s just hard work and you don’t really need an expert there but God knows I’m not going to bring that up with any of my friends. And I hope they know I am keeping a very detailed record of all the work I’m doing for them and you better believe I will hold that against them in the future if I ever need anything. Buuuuut until then I will drag my truck and equipment to help out whenever they need it.

Yesterday was a little bit different however and wasn’t a typical job that my buddy, Jack called me over for. So Jack is a pretty well off guy. He is a friend of mine that I’ve known since high school and he went the standard route by going straight to college after high school, graduated in 4 years, and immediately got a job at some financial advising firm. I don’t know how much he makes exactly but let’s just say he could probably retire in 5 years and be alright. He has a wife and 3 kids, all under the age of 12 and lives in a huge house a couple of towns over from me. So Jack has a pool in his backyard (of course he does) and after yet another storm blew through the other night, a huge tree limb broke off and crashed down onto their fence around the pool. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it isn’t the typical chain fence that you’re probably thinking of. It’s one of those “safety fences” that people have put in to stop their dumb little kids from wandering in it. Jack’s kids aren’t dumb by the way, I love them I’m just trying to throw a little humor in this thing after my long day. Anyways it looks like one that these guys are selling here. So this enormous limb falls down and basically destroys a section of Jack’s fence.

Alright Jack, I know you’re not the strongest and most “handy” of all the men out there. But if a tree limb is already off of a tree and on the ground, do you really need to call in an expert to help clean up the mess? I’m just giving him a hard time and I would say all of this to his face. But seriously Jack, I expect a 12 pack and filet next time you decide to call me for an “emergency.”

Why can’t my friends ever just call me for some coding on their computer or to just say hello instead?

Hey, I can’t complain too much. Every time I do one of these favors for a friend I always leave feeling happy that the chapter of my life actually having to do this stuff for a career is over.

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