My Current Career

Little Bit of History…

When I was in high school I really had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. This seems to be a more and more common occurrence these days with the state of the country and job market changing at such a rapid pace. When I was growing up, technology was a new thing and was just starting to really take off. I know this is going to be hard to understand for any of you young ones out there that might be reading this, but I actually did not grow up with the internet at my house. 

I know I know, you can’t even begin to fathom how that’s possible right? Well it’s true and I don’t think I need to explain how crazy everything got in such a short amount of time after the internet exploded in regards to other forms of technology. If you would have showed me the iPhone that I am holding in my hand right now when I was a kid, I would have thought it was some sort of evil yet beautiful sorcery.

So when I was in high school I wasn’t aware enough, or really cared enough for that matter, to see that technology was obviously going to be exploding over the years to come and that it will definitely be in the highest demand when it comes to real careers. I really didn’t think about any careers in great detail when I was in high school or even starting college (which I was soon to deeply regret) and didn’t really have any plan or direction in my life. I was working 2 jobs while trying to go to school and not even knowing what I wanted to do when I was done.

After my first year at a local community college I wanted out, and fast. I was spending thousands of dollars (yes even at a community college) taking classes that I had 0 interest in and was just spending tons of cash to daydream while staring out a window. My buddy Joe decided to skip this whole process and started working for a tree service company right out of high school and loved it. I was jealous and wanted to do something different so I jumped on board and he got me a job with them. I didn’t mind it at first but as the days went by I found myself becoming more and more miserable with the way my life was going. Was I about to be cutting trees down for the rest of my life just barely getting by?

Why Software Engineer?

I couldn’t do it. So after 8 years I decided it was time to grow up a little bit and make something of my life that I could be proud of. And no offense to all the tree service and blue collar workers out there. I have nothing but respect for you guys, my body just isn’t cut out for it.

So I realized what I should have so many years ago that technology is where the jobs are at and even though I was a little bit late in the game, I was always good with technology and computers so I decided to go into software engineering. It was a huge risk because I had only talked to advisers and did my own research about the job before dedicating my life to it and never really talked to anyone personally that was in the field. It was the greatest decision I have ever made.

I feel secure in my job, make great money, and I don’t have to go to bed worrying about what aches and body pains I’m going to have to be dealing with all of the next day.

I don’t want to make these too long so stay tuned and I can go into more detail and stories on future posts.